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Prison break attempt in Mazowe backfires

Two Zimbabweans Escape Botswana Prison
Two Zimbabweans Escape Botswana Prison

Five Mazowe prison inmates who allegedly tried to break out from the prison are in soup after a foiled attempt.

The ring leader Ali Mudawali (33) and his accomplices Simon Chiwara (25), Walter Chadiwa(24), Nomore Kavenga (34) and Daniel Madhare (21) were dragged to Concession magistrates courts yesterday facing an escaping from a lawful custody charge.

They appeared before magistrate Nixon Mangoti who remanded them to June 30.

Prosecutor Moses Kuimba alleged on April 20 an ex-convict Mudawali teamed up with other suspects and hatched a plan to break the prison cell by destroying walls and burglars.

They used some sharp objects to loosen the burglars.

Prison officers observed that the burglars were unmounted and some inmates sold the suspects out leading to their arrest.

In their plea of not guilty the suspects said they were severely assaulted and gave in to the allegations to save their skin from cheeky officers.-NewsDay

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