A United Nations (UN) worker has was filmed having s_x in a car in Israel. Reports indicate the worker of the global body hired a hooker and was filmed by an Israeli resident this week.

The video was taken by an Israeli resident. It shows a UN 4X4 car approaching what seems to be a robot. The car is a Toyota Landcruiser and is branded UN on top and either side and also on top of the bonnet. The video was taken during the night. There are two men visible in the car, with the other driving and the other seated in the passenger seat behind the driver. The video which is believed to have been taken in Tel Aviv shows a woman in a red dress in a s_x act with a UN official on the passenger seat of the car.

The incident has since drawn a comment form UN who are disgusted by the actions of their worker. “The behaviour seen in it is abhorrent and goes against everything that they stand for,” spokesman for the United Nation’s Secretary-General, Stéphane Dujarric said.

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Watch the video here:- VIDEO

“The car s_x video is shocking for an organisation like ours. We are deeply shocked,” Mr Dujarric said.

The Office of Internal Oversight Services is currently investigating the incident and it is moving very quickly. we expect the conclusion of the investigation very soon.

The location of the video is known and the people involved are close to being identified. As soon as we complete the investigation we will take appropriate action,” said the UN secretary-general.

Based on the scenery and the buildings, the video is believed to have been captured on HaYarkon Street, a usually busy area parallel to the promenade

The car s_x video has sparked outrage with a lot of prominent people castigating the act.-Savannah


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