CONTROVERSIAL flamboyant prophet Passion Java has seemingly retaliated against prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa in a video that has gone viral.

Speaking in response to Makandiwa’ssermon where he castigates rich people from showing off.

The man of cloth believes showing-off is a sign you are not really wealthy;

When you want people to know that you have money, you don’t have it. The day you have money, you will not want people to know that you have it…If you still want people to think and to know that you have money, you don’t need another proof, you don’t have it…The guy who moves around telling people that I have money, he doesn’t have money…When you now have money, you fear people.

This sparked a charged up response from Twabam who went on to publish his own video highlighting how some rich folks like Floyd Mayweather flaunt their wealth yet are considered rich.

Below are the two videos;


Passion Java goes on to defend himself, “imbondisiyai ndimboitawo”, singing Enzo Ishal’s song also revealing plans on how in August his house is going to be filmed by Welcome to my crib crew, “hapana chakaipa ipopo”

-Harare Live


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