PHD Ministries leader Walter Magaya is under fire after duping Zimbabweans in Capetown of thousands through a housing scheme initiative.

In a video circulating on social media, congregants are seen at his Capetown offices demanding their money back asking a woman barricaded behind a screen door attempting to call the Prophet while others declare war.

Watch below;

For one to qualify as a beneficiary of the housing scheme, they have to be a life partner first.

Once someone is a life partner, they would be allowed access to the multi-million-dollar project.


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Life-partner members are required to pay a monthly subscription fee of US$20, failure of which the money would accrue and be considered as owed to the church.

If one fails to keep in touch with set subscriptions, the arrears are considered as debt to the church.

The housing project was launched in August 2016 and was supposed to run to December 2016.

Planet Africa, a company wholly owned by Magaya, is responsible for the construction works at all the sites.

Magaya reportedly injected US$8 million into the project.

The PHD Ministries Waterfalls guesthouse was also constructed by Planet Africa.


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