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Muvhango kissing scene leaves fans shocked

Muvhango first kiss in muvhango since many fans watched muvhango from childhood, last night was the first time in a long time they have played a kissing scene, Mpho and Tendamudzimu. Also, since when does Muvhango show people kissing? They used to be against that act.

This showed how powerful people’s voices are as tweets. Fans have complained about the ‘no kissing’ on Muvhango just the other day and then last night a kissing scene occurred. However, this has come out as a shock to many.

“People there was a kissing scene on Muvhango 📢📢🔊 and it was not an “mmm Papa” kiss I swear tongue was involved 🤞 I’m shooketh 😮 #muvhango”

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A fan has expressed that ever since they have watched muvhango they never saw a couple kissing. Last night took a dramatic curve indeed. Fans started picturing husbands’ and wives’ of Muvhango actors in real life when they realized that now there are kisses on.

Muvhango has lately just been a great show lately and it has actually been trending the whole week. “Mpho is making me so happy hle. Azwindini will finally know how it feels. Yoh! I can’t wait for him to find out. 🤗 #Muvhango” tweet.

This comes after It took Muvhango years before we saw a real kiss from its actors. Many were left shooketh. For the first time in history, fa s have seen people kissing in Muvhango.

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