Woman r__apes man in Limpopo
Woman r__apes man in Limpopo

A man was ra__ped by a woman in Bolobedu, this case was reported to the South African Police Service on Wednesday and the woman was arrested.

Police officials told us that the woman lied to the man so that he could come to her house on Tuesday where she repeatedly ra_ped the 26 years old man.

She forces him to have s_xual in_tercourse with her and she used her physical power to pin herself on him and when the man tried to refuse, she violently started attacking him.

The man went to her house after she had lied to him and said that she needed some help with some house repairs and some fastening of pipes only to find out that she needed more than that.

Authorities say that they have launched an investigation and they want to first test the mental state of both the man and the woman and their psychological and emotional wellbeing as well.

Police spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe said, “The man was rescued. He had several serious injuries and was taken to the local hospital.” He said the woman was later arrested and she was crying like the man rape her but surprising things is the woman was not injured. She will appear in court on a charge of ra__pe.

According to an angry community, is not the first time this woman try to ra_pe men in this village, she deserves to rot in jail.

South Africa has always been serious about stopping ra_pe for women and children, let’s fight for men too.

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