Mai Titi accuses Passion Java, Madam Boss of planning her murder

Mai Titi has made astonishing accusations towards her for friend Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss as she says she is conspiring for her death. The comedian said this in a live video which she has been doing and apparently she has been doing a series of live videos as she replies to Passion Java’s insult she says he did to her in his Twabam take my money show which she did with MudiwaHood.

Earlier we posted a story where Prophet Passion Java was apologising to Felistas Edwards aka Mai Titi. But Mai Titi has refuted and claimed that Passion java’s apology is fake. He is not remorseful of what he did at all. She went on to say that Passion Java and Madam Boss are plotting to kill her in an illuminate way.

Check her video below as she says it by her own mouth.

– MbareTimes

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