A 50-year-old man identified as Peter Ayemoba has confessed to having interc0urse with his two daughters right from when they were of the ages 13 and 15.

During an interview the suspect that he started the crime 7 years ago after the demise of his wife in 2013 which according to him, led to his loneliness. Peter, a father of 6 children has four male and two female offsprings.

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The suspect claimed that the death of his wife unsettled him and left him lost to the extent that he started having strong endearment for his two daughters. It was however only a matter of time till this strong endearment of his translated into abuse and molestation for his kids.

On how he had his way, Peter claims that his daughters consented on some days and on other days, they turned down his advances. On days which he couldn’t get their consent, Peter would resort to threats and pressure.

The 50-year-old man confessed that he would often threaten to kill his daughters and end his own life anytime they refused to comply with his demands.

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The suspect further revealed that part of his persuasion tactics was to use the Bible in convincing his daughters that there was no wrong in his acts of molestation. He disclosed that he would sometimes use the story of Lot in the Bible as an example of how a father could engage in interc0urse with his daughters yet go unpunished by God. This was his tactics in making the molestation of his kids seem normal to them.

He debunked that his act was of any type of ritual but rather something that resulted from the absence of his wife.


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