Parents in Durban, KwaZulu Natal took the law to their hands the moment they realized that the school principal is sleeping with their kids. This sad news follows after two kids from the same school had been reported impregnated by the school principal.

Two fathers of the impr_gnated girls plotted to kill the principal of the school but then got disturbed on their planning of which led them to shoot dead the school principal in front of kids in the school.

The governing body of the school had just accused the violence penetrated by the two fathers at the school in the presence of their kids.

”Yes the principal was wrong but penetrating violence in the school make things worse. How are the kids supposed to feel safe at school after seeing such a thing? The law shall deal with the two. We don’t promote violence at all”

Thembeka Nkosi speaking for the parents said such a thing done by the principal was cruelty out of someone they trusted with their kids as parents.

”This is bad, how can such a grown-up man sleep with his children. We trusted him with our kids but then he choice cruelty over our kids. I’m so sad for what had happened even though violence is not an answer at all”

Some parents had just called for the arrest of the two fathers who killed the principal but some of them are really angry saying such a person as he deserves to die.

Police in Durban said the two men had been arrested of murder and children abuse.

”They had been arrested of murder and child abuse. Such violence in the school premises is crime on its own”


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