flash protests
File picture: protests in Zimbabwe

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa addressed an online rally where he highlighted the political and economic situation in the country.

Below are take away points from the e-rally:

No reforms no elections says Chamisa

Chamisa, like the late opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, has revealed that his party will not participate in the 2023 elections if electoral reforms are not implemented.

Transitional authority

Following what the MDC Alliance vice president Tendai Biti has always been saying, Chamisa says his party is looking forward to seeing a transitional authority running the government of Zimbabwe to implement reforms that are required for elections to be conducted.

Harvest House take over

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Chamisa opined that Harvest House is privately owned and they will not rush to attempt to retake it as it is not yet the time. He says they can retake it anytime they want but the MDC Alliance is avoiding violence.

MDC Alliance Name

We are strengthening the people and the party and we are focused on the people’s agenda. Our focus is on jobs for the people and to bring food on the table and not on the name of the party.

31 July 2020 protest

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Chamisa said MDC Alliance will join the proposed 31 July protests. “We are seeing other people starting their own initiatives. We want to tell you that we will support any democratic initiative that can result in freedom for the people. We will join those initiatives. Even those who are in government and want to work towards freedom, we will support them even the civil servants.”

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