A case of betrayal has turned from bad to worse, with a Harare man having failed to regain his memory four months after being left for dead by suspected robbers including his friend.

As the afternoon sunlight streams through the hospital window, slashing through the venetian blinds, the shadows make this man only identified as Takudzwa, look as if he is behind bars.

It is really a sad story for the young man estimated to be 27 who cannot even recall his surname.

He was admitted at Sally Mugabe Hospital in Harare on the 9th of March and spent all this COVID-19 induced lock-down in the ward and without any of his relatives visiting.

The main challenge is he has never fully regained his memory following a nearly fatal assault by suspected robbers.
Luckily the young man has regained consciousness, but sadly it is not so for his memory and the hospital staff does not know where they will discharge him to.

“This man is around 27 years of age. He was admitted while unconscious sometime in March. There are indications that he was robbed and beaten until he became unconscious. He has not been able to regain his memory – he only managed to tell us his name and it is different from the one we were given by the people who brought him to hospital. The people who brought him here said his name is Takudzwa but he sometimes tells us that his name is Sipho,” said Mr. Rutendo Makoni a nurse at the hospital.

This mental relapse has made it difficult for hospital authorities to know his address despite claims that he is from Hopley.

“The people who brought him here claimed that he is from Hopley and that is where he met his fate, but we do not have the exact address. What is even more confusing is that he talks about many places like Kwekwe among others as his place of residence.”

The ZBC News crew got face to face with the severity of the situation, by asking a few questions – which all got inconsistent answers.

No one really knows the truth about this man, but rumour is rife that among those responsible for his situation is his friend, who was among the suspected robbers

Takudzwa or Sipho, whichever name you might call him, is visibly pale and weak, but it is no surprise to health personnel, who have since prescribed physiotherapy.

“It usually takes time for a person who would have become unconscious for such a long time. He just needs a lot of rehabilitation.”

This man’s predicament has left us all guessing how the situation would be if his relatives were aware and helping out with rehabilitation efforts.

Cases of families looking for their missing relatives are not something new, with social media coming in handy these
days, so one wonders whether this man’s relatives have gone all out in search of their loved one.-ZBC


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