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Passion Java refuses to help blood brother homeless in South Africa: Watch

Flamboyant and affluent prophet Passion Java is busy splurging thousands of dollars on expensive cars and paying out Zimdancehall musicians while his brother is wallowing in poverty in South Africa.

Simbarashe Java is struggling to buy food, pay rent or worse busfare to return to Zimbabwe and has exposed how his brother Passion seems unrelenting which makes it rather strange for a man of ‘God’.

In a video that has since gone viral, the visibly distraught brother appeals for help simply to come back home to Zimbabwe and clear all arrears he had trying to survive in a foreign land.

Passion Java is the one who brought him to South Africa East London where he is now homeless after getting evicted.

“I am not asking him to buy me an expensive car or send me that much money… I just want to go home”, Simbarashe says.

The brother says Passion used to be a “loving brother” but now he has rejected him.

“He is sponsoring Zimdancehall which is a good thing but he should remember I was the go between in his stint with Chillspot, Enzo Ishall and the rest of the guys know me”, he continues.

It is stunning how someone who helped Marabha with food and a bed would leave out his own blood brother in the cold.

Watch the video:

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