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Watch: Covid-19 victim’s coffinless burial at Warren Hills

As more people perish of covid-19 around the world, Zimbabwe has started to show worrying signs of impending disaster should the death trend continue as well as the number of local transmissions keeps rising.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa imposed a lockdown about 3 months ago and later began opening the economy due to pressure but is now considering shutting down again Harare and Bulawayo as they are epicentres of the virus with the later having more cases and deaths according to Health Ministry officials.

Coronavirus, the world over has changed social lives as well as economic beings of many as they struggle to cope with slow economies also, job loses coupled with government’s incapacity to buy enough resources for handling covid-19 ramifications.

In a video reflecting such hardships and complications, a covid-19 victim’s burial at Warren Hills cemetery has drawn interest since the deceased wasn’t in a coffin and few, if not none relatives on sight.

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Experienced medical staff wearing protective gear placed the body inside the grave without any customary rites as is the usual case when a person dies.

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