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Multichoice “stole” Celebrity Mystery Box concept

Multichoice accused of stealing Celebrity Mystery Box concept, a show where celebrities goes head to head in a cooking contest. The concept was stolen from Cheryl Chelsea Vilakazi’s Celebrity Drop Box concept.

Celebrity Mystery Box

Two celebrities, two kitchens and one mystery box of ingredients. The winner gets R10 000 for themselves and R5 000 for their favourite charity.
The Celebrity Mystery Box concept was allegedly stolen from creative Cheryl Chelsea Vilakazi and was submitted  Mnet channels a few months ago now.

Posting on social media Facebook user Paul Vivian Llewellyn posted the first page of the stolen concept document entitled Celebrity DropBox – (A full lockdown scenario concept)


(A full lockdown scenario concept)

TITLE: Celebrity Drop Box

GENRE: Cooking Reality

DURATION:13 x 24 mins

CHANNEL: Meet IOU Showmax

Logline: Two Celebrities…One box of ingredients delivered to each of their doorsteps during lockdown! One challenge – to prepare the best possible meal! Which celebrities will win the Drop Box challenge this week?

Who is South Africa’s most innovative, most talented, most surprising and most dangerous Celebrity Chef?
Find out on Celebrity Drop Box, a brand new off the cuff celebrity cooking show that pits South African personalities against one another.

Each week 4 celebrities (2 x 2 per episode) take up a creative and time pressure challenge in the kitchen, to see who can handle the heat of culinary lockdown! .Each week a celebrity chef judges who handled the pressure best!


As we count by the days of the COVID-19 lockdown, many South Africans are turning to innovative ways to keep themselves occupied and mentally stimulated. Some are growing food gardens; others are honing their baking skills; while some are dedicated to cleaning out the clutter in their lives…reads the alleged stolen concept.



South Africans are having none of it

Stafford Robinson:  Paul, we pitched a TV concept… developed it with them over a year… then they dropped it…. 3 months later the exact same concept appeared as a storyline in one of their series!

Thabang NtesoThere must be something we can do! I’m willing to help. As creatives we have been experiencing the same thing for ages
Rob Ngema : Funny enough this concept is exactly like mine which was stolen as well I will not say much the law needs to decide kuth ubani isela ngampela,I submitted mine last year October your concept is 99% similar time mine I must say.
Heimari Lombaard: This is outrageous. Take them to court. Can’t believe in this country production companies steal other people’s work and pass it off as their own. It’s sickening and so goddamn low life.
Valéria Dos Santos HoldcroftWhen people start charging for creative this may stop for now we are all suckers!!!


Watch Nomuzi vs Moshe – Celebrity Mystery Box | Mzansi Magic

Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena and Moshe Ndiki finesse their cooking skills with a Salmon and pistachio challenge in the first episode of Celebrity Mystery Box.