CAPS United new signing Leroy Mavunga says he is disappointed with the delay of the start of the season as he was readying to go for his new team.

The winger got signed early this year from Yadah.

The league was supposed to start bin March but was suspended due to Covid-19.

“I feel disappointed because l was ready to play for my new team and l was looking forward to playing before Covid came.

“In as much as l want to play, l know that our health is important.

“So we need to be safe and l understand that the suspension was for a good cause,” he said.

The Warriors star says he is doing all he can to follow the training programme to make sure that he is fit and will be ready when the season resumes.

“Yes I’m training we have a programme that we were given as a team.

“And I’m following the programme religiously because l need to be fit and in form, just in case the league resumes.

“l know it’s going to be hard when we get back to the field because it’s been about five months without being active.

“But we are footballers that’s our job we will manage,” he said.

He added:

“On the reports that the league might restart, yeah it’s obvious we are worried abt our safety.

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“But if we all get tested and if everyone will be just cautious and exercise all the precautionary measures.

“l don’t think it will be a problem if we just are careful and other leagues have been doing it.

“So l think it will be possible for us and truly speaking l miss football.

“Football is my life and living without it has been difficult so my hope is everything comes to normal so that we can go back to the thing l love the most which is football.

“ But when this is over or when we are given the green light to resume football l am more than ready to play for my new team and I’m training very hard at home to make sure that I’m more than ready,” he said.-H Metro


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