ZANU PF acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa has come hard on MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti claiming that the vibrant opposition politician is biting the hand that fed him by continuously fighting against the ZANU PF regime.

Chinamasa who confessed to having great respect for Biti’s intellect said he was disappointed that Biti was using funds paid by the Zanu PF led government towards his education to undermine the country’s revolution.

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Biti studied law at the University of Zimbabwe, and the government that time gave university students financial grants to cover their costs.

“I have respect for him (Biti) for his intellectual prowess. Let me say that he is very clever,” Chinamasa said during a press conference at Zanu PF headquarters in Harare on Monday.

“But my disappointment is that he uses money that Zanu PF used to educate him to undermine the revolution. To be a puppet and often I wonder how such an intelligent person cannot realise that he is being duped by his handlers. It is a pity.”

“But there you have him doing the bidding for his masters very well where he wrote to the World Bank not to give us Covid-19 related finances and resources and we have not received such resources,” he said.

Watch Chinamasa press conference in the video downloading below;



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