A homeless man set train carriages on fire in Bloemfontein after a fight over poking. ­ Photo by Kabelo Tlhabanelo.

South Africa-the two men slept in unused train carriages, which went up in flames after a fight over s_x.

When one of the men from Bloemfontein saw his friend had a girlfriend, he asked to poke her.

The boyfriend refused, leading to a fight that ended with the rejected man burning down the carriages on Friday night.

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“When the other guy saw my girlfriend he said she’s very beautiful. He was attracted to her and wanted to sleep with her.

“I got angry and told him to sleep in another carriage. He got violent but left when he saw he wasn’t winning. We suddenly saw a fire and ran. I later learned he started the fire.”

The girlfriend said she’d never have allowed the other man to poke her.

“This is my p_nani and I’ll not share it with anyone else. We’ve been together for two years. I intend to marry him. I’m relieved no one was injured,” she said.

Brigadier Motantsi Makhele said: “A case of malicious damage to property was opened. No arrests have been made yet.”-Daily Sun


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