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SAD:Gweru man kills sister (16) for having ‘too many boyfriends’

File photo. Police carrying a dead body
File photo. Police carrying a dead body

In a tragic domestic violence incident, a Gweru man is alleged to have fatally assaulted his 16-year-old sister, accusing her of having numerous boyfriends.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident in which the accused, Terrence Tarisai (27) of Clifton Park, is alleged to have killed his sister Tryphine on July 23.

Terrence is expected to appear in court soon.

It is alleged that on July 22, Terrence discovered that his sister had a number of boyfriends. He confronted her and the two siblings had a misunderstanding over the issue.

The sister then ran away to her aunt in Mtapa to seek refuge.

The following day, her aunt accompanied Tryphine back home where upon arrival, Terrence allegedly assaulted her all over her body with an electrical cable and a belt.

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After the alleged assault, she requested for water as she felt thirsty and later went to her bedroom.

Later in the day, the aunt went back to check on Tryphine and found her unconscious in her room.

An ambulance was called to take her for treatment, but she died on arrival at Gweru Provincial Hospital.

Following the death, a report was made to police, leading to the arrest of Terrence.
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