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Uncle killed over 2 buckets of maize


An enraged Zhombe man is alleged to have st_bbed his uncle to death after he had barred him from selling two buckets of maize at Dingwe Business Centre last Friday.

The accused, Sehluli Nyoni of Mvai village, was arrested for allegedly st_bbing Josiah Ncube to death with an Okapi knife.

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Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said Sehluli took two buckets of maize to the shopping centre to sell, but Josiah blocked him in the middle of the transaction, arguing the family itself would need the food because it did not harvest much due to drought.

He said Josiah’s action did not go down with Sehluli, leading to a scuffle between the two, and the subsequently alleged st_bbing.

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“This resulted in a misunderstanding between the two and Josiah grabbed a wooden stick from the shop and assaulted the accused, who then pulled an Ochapi knife from his trousers pocket and st_bbed Ncube once on the cheek, right cheek, waist and left buttock,” Goko said.

Ncube bled profusely and died on the spot.
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