Dead woman gives birth inside grave. Strange and bizarre moment the grave of a woman is allegedly dugout as the cries of a child could be heard from the grave.

The lady in question allegedly died about four months earlier according to the person recording the video, although she was pr_gnant at the time of her burial.

The voice in the video claims that she was declared dead before she was buried which made it scary when passers-by allegedly started hearing cries of a baby from the woman’s grave

The residents of the community decided to open the grave and verify their suspicions, to their surprise however, the buried woman had given birth in the grave.

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The video showed the entire incident as the residents gathered to see what would be the outcome of the exercise till the grave was dug open and the baby was brought out alive from the grave where the late woman was buried.

The location was however not specified.

The link to the video is attached below as the alleged event was recorded.


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