AS people’s complacency remains troubling for the majority of people regarding covid-19, Zimbabwe has not been spared despite efforts to curb the spread through various measures both necessary and often viewed infringing on people’s rights, a reckless trend still remains with Harare Live got to hold of information that five people died of 90 who attended a part in Bulawayo.

Sharing a bottle of booze, no social distancing and no mask whatsoever, the people have a reckless disregard for theirs and other’s lives.

The restrictive measures adopted by President Emmerson Mnangagwa seem to be not enough to dissuade people from indulging in risky behaviour.

In Bulawayo, about 3 weeks ago, 90 people hosted a house party in Burnside and reports indicate that of these,  five died of covid-19 prompting a serious need for contact tracing, Harare Live suggests.

With a number of deaths approaching the hundred margin, it is prudent for authorities to look into the matter urgently.

Below is the video of the alleged party goers;



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