A ‘border’ jumper going over a fence separating Zimbabwe and South Africa. Scores of Zimbabweans cross into South Africa this way daily in search for jobs

Villagers in Makakhavhule area in Ward 6 here are panicking after a 51-year man who illegally returned from South Africa died and they suspect he was infected with Covid-19.

The local Covid-19 taskforce is now conducting investigations into the case.

It is reported that the man returned from Musina, South Africa, by paddling across the Limpopo River.

A source said the man had been staying in South Africa for the last three weeks until his return on Thursday evening. “He arrived around 9 pm and was ferried from the crossing point with eight other border jumpers by a local transporter,” said the source.

“Upon arrival at his house at Makakhavhule Primary school, he started complaining of chest pains. His relative then notified health authorities who upon arrival found him already dead. The matter was referred to the Covid-19 Taskforce for further management”.

Beitbridge District Civil Protection Unit chairperson, Mrs Sikhangazile Mafu-Moyo who also leads the local Covid-19 taskforce, said the death was now under investigation.

“Yes we received such a report and officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care are seized with investigations into that death,” she said.

The Herald is reliably informed that authorities are now tracing the man’s contacts who live in the same village.

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The Herald is reliably informed that authorities are now tracing the man’s contacts who live in the same village.

The incident comes a few days after two brothers who tested positive for Covid-19 escaped from isolation in Beitbridge and went to Madaulo village in the same district where they infected eight children aged under 15.

The smuggling of people and goods has drastically increased at Zimbabwe and South Africa’s borderline after the only land border (Beitbridge) was closed to non-essential human traffic to contain the spread of Covid-19.

However, many people wanting to avoid the mandatory quarantine are now sneaking across the river at River Ranch, Tshivhara, Panda Mine, Mai Maria, Gate 2, and Musetshe area.-Herald


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