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Zim sosho media reacts to Rihanna’s ‘mabhanzi’ hairstyle

American singer Rihanna has been causing up a storm on the local scene with her hairdo. The artist who is known to be filthy rich has been rocking some mabhanzi, a hairstyle that is usually associated with being of low class by some black women. Social media has been full of comments about the hairdo and celebrities have encouraged black women to embrace such hairstyles instead of opting for weaves.

Zuva Habane even took a jab at women who feel mabhanzi are below their class. She said if a prominent figure like Rihanna could rock such a look then local women ought to take a chill pill. Rihanna has indeed shown that simplicity is the way to go.

The hairstyle is perceived as one that only school going kids could have. Although there has been a natural hair movement in past years with women putting in some effort to show up in their own hair, mabhanzi have still remained shunned. Some really bold women in the corporate world have been trying on different styles of mabhanzi including putting on a headpiece at the centre of their heads or mixing up mabhanzi with braids.

Rihanna has clearly shown us that these underrated styles can actually give you a glamorous edge. The singer is undoubtedly one of the best fashion icons of our time

We hope local women can take down some notes from one of the world’s most stylish female celebrities.-Youth Village