Home Celebrities Zodwa WaBantu cries after ex-boyfriend buys new Audi R8

Zodwa WaBantu cries after ex-boyfriend buys new Audi R8

Vusi Buthelezi has become the talk of social media after he bought himself an Audi car. The development follows accusations by Zodwa Wabantu that she was scammed by her ex-boyfriend.

Vusi buys himself a car

Vusi has since threatened to report Zodwa to the police and open a defamation case. Zodwa is accusing Vusi of using her and defrauding her. She posted a video yesterday alleging that Vusi used her influence to buy an Audi at one of the car dealerships in Durban.  She also says she gave him a lot of  money during their happier times.

Vusi has responded to the allegations by handing himself over to various police stations but the police have told him that he is not a wanted man.

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Confirmation that Vusi bought the car

Meanwhile, Vusi has shot many videos of himself buying the car and driving it. he is enjoying his newfound fame and making the most out of it.

Vusi posted a video of himself and his new girlfriend responding to Zodwa’s offer for a bounty to anyone who sees Vusi. The pair jokingly asked to be paid since Vusi has been found.

In another video, Vusi films himself in the car dealership and signing the purchasing papers before driving of in the new machine.

Zodwa’s fans have rushed to congratulate Vusi on his newest car. Some have questioned the logic behind Zodwa’s accusations since the pair were not married.

One fan asked, “Am I the only one who is confused about how Vusi and Audi were able to make a deal on R8 using Zodwa yet Zodwa and Vusi were not married…Doesn’t make sense! How did Audi allow that…?”-Savannah