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‘I have slept with well known celebrity, ANC and DA politicians’: Zodwa WaBantu

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu revealed she slept with a well known celebrity and politicians from the ANC and DA. She was speaking to MacG on Podcast & Chill.

She was asked about a lot of questions in her life from dating young men to what she wants her legacy to be like.

Zodwa also addressed one off the stinking issues that she is taking her shot at Ntobeko Sishi from Gomora.

She revealed that she is talking to Ntobeko via DMs and she is not far away from scooping him. She even showed MacG the DMs although she says she doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship with him but just to have fun.

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Asked why she prefers young guys to older men, Zodwa brought Mandla Mthembu into the discussion, “I don’t want an old man that’s going to ask me to wash their clothes for them and cook for them. They are then going to want to beat me up and cheat on me. Don’t forget that I once dated Mandla Mthembu so I don’t want to be controlled or managed.”

Zodwa went on to reveal that she slept with Thabo Mabogwane from Black Motion. She also said she had good times with two politicians from the opposition Democratic Alliance and the ANC.

Asked about how much she charges for gigs, Zodwa said she charges around R40,000 and the highest amount she charged was R70,000 for an hour to perform and her client was a bank.

She wants to be remembered as someone who didn’t care what other people feel or say about her.

Zodwa was also asked if her child doesn’t get bullied because of her controversy and she responded that she sent him to private schools and he never experienced problems for being ‘Zodwa Wabantu’s child’.

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