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Watch: Woman born with 2 v_ginas, wombs shares her double troubles

Elizabeth Amoah, a Ghanaian lady who was born with two reproductive systems, has indicated how she has had to deal with multiple health conditions because of it.

The woman, who is also known as Special Lady, made this narration in an interview with SV TV Africa sighted by us on the YouTube channel of the entity.

According to Special Lady, she was diagnosed with anaemia very early in her life and had to live on pills like Multivite for a long time.

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When she was about 20 years old, Elizabeth got pr_gnant for the first time and it came with many complications due to her condition, and that led to the birth of a premature baby.

At some point, the lady was also diagnosed with primary infertility, but it was not until she was 32 years of age that doctors discovered during a surgical procedure that she had a pair of wombs, cervixes, and v_ginal openings.

Elizabeth indicates that she has come to know three other people in Ghana who have conditions similar to hers, although it is a disorder that occurs very rarely.

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