Home Entertainment Nox finally releases ‘Melody’ video featuring Master KG {Watch here}

Nox finally releases ‘Melody’ video featuring Master KG {Watch here}

Nox Guni has finally released his new track featuring Master KG called ‘Melody’ and it is surely worth the bucks.

Some time ago, Harare Live news published a story revealing how Nox forked out R250 000 for the video.

From the Yacht, Cadilac and the dancers, Nox Guni surely brought melody to the track.

Nox said, “I spent R250 000 on this project as I wanted to go all out with it as part of efforts to grow my brand. Most of the money went to the yacht, classic cardiac car and elite dance group we used in the video as well as the extra cast and models.”

When asked how he could afford such amount of money on the visuals the ‘Ndinonyara’ hitmaker responded;

“We were partly funded by Nakira, a UK-based company which is owned by Mr Dexter Lasswell. They have a line of clubs and restaurants in the UK.”

Watch below;

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