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Covid-19, divorce forces gospel star into vending

Gospel diva Amanda Sagonda-Machimbira has hit hard times.

After separating with her husband, Amanda’s fortunes nosedived and effects of the Covid-19 lockdown have meant she gets almost nothing from her music-unless something comes out of her new single that she penned for her children.

Amanda said Covid-19 effects have been like salt to her bleeding wound and her two children have become her only blessing and reason to live-that and her faith in God.

She penned a song ‘Kumaziva Ndadzoka’ featuring Reverend Toggy Chivaviro and Bethen Pasinawako Ngolomi dedicated to her children.

The song is off her forthcoming album titled Mwari Vasinganyadzise she said will be released soon.

Amanda separated with her husband Request Machimbira before the Covid-19 national lockdown and life turned sour that her children and the word of life she received have become the source of her life as she sit and count her clients along the street in Avonlea.

Amanda Sagonda-Machimbira sits at her vending point
Amanda Sagonda-Machimbira sits at her vending point

“Covid-19 effects left me without anything to give my children and God remains my hope and I now strongly believe he will save them from the wrath of the pandemic,” said Amanda.

“Had it not been the word of life I received from my childhood, effects of Covid-19 and marital issues could have taken me into an abyss.

“My new song Kumaziva Ndadzoka is dedicated to my children where I am urging them to remain rooted in word of life and faith in God for them in this earthly life.

“Life is a journey and we reach our destination so in that song my children would take my message of warning them not to live without Christ Jesus.

“As for vending, I never knew that one day I would sit by the road side and count vehicles and pedestrians anticipating to receive a coin for survival.

“Ukagara mumba unofanenzara nekuda kwekunyarira zita iro risina charinokupa,” said Amanda.

Amanda turned 40 on Saturday.

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