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Nurses urge woman to ‘kill’ deformed baby Skye but she needs your help

A woman is appealing for help to keep her deformed baby after nurses advised her to ‘kill’ the baby. The baby named Skye was born with multiple facial malformations and needs many facial reconstructive surgeries.

According to iHarare, the mother, a 20-year-old Nomatter Mutandwa who resides in Chitungwiza town in Zimbabwe is appealing for assistance to Zimbabweans and other well-wishers abroad to assist with money for her to finance a reconstruction surgery for her baby.

One-year-old baby Skye was born with facial malformations ‘Spina Bifida’ which is possibly caused by a lack of folic acid during a difficult pregnancy.

Mutandwa is an orphan as both her parents passed on and her problems compounded when Skye’s father left her for giving birth to a strange child and refusing to kill the baby to end the ‘curse’ the family is enduring. She says she has been stigmatised for giving birth to Skye.

Some nurses advised her not to breastfeed or give her child food so she dies to end her problems.

Dr. Manana a Maxillofacial Surgeon in Harare is optimistic that the baby’s face can be reconstructed with the assistance of brain surgeons, paediatric surgeons, and aestheticians.

The campaign to raise funds for Skye is being led by one Sir Perseverence FG and he wrote a short statement to well-wishers.

“I am asking you to help me raise funds for Skye especially. Please I ask you only to share to tag ( what do you lose) maybe together we can give hope where there is none. Maybe your share or tag is the only difference between life and death for this soul or maybe if you have a dollar donate, “Sir Perseverance pleads.

Donations can be done on this Go Fund Me page. 

Zimbabweans can send mobile money to 0773854866 under the name Perseverence Ganga. Also, send proof of payment to these two WhatsApp +26377385466 and Skye Mum  +263788598174.

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