Yesteryear urban grooves sensation Morgan Hove, affectionately known as DJ Hyper, who rose to fame after featuring on Memory Zaranyika’s song “Bhogo-bhogo”, has died.

He was 47.

Hove died in Pretoria, South Africa, on Tuesday after suffering from running stomach, according to his long-time friend Henry Moyo.

Moyo said the death was as a result of dehydration.

“We are deeply saddened by the news and it came as a shock to us after he was a pillar of strength to his family. He was now based in South Africa . Last week he started complaining of stomach pains and then suffered a running stomach. He died on Tuesday and we are yet to get the post-mortem results.”

Moyo said they were expecting his body next Tuesday at Beitbridge Border Post, from where it will then be taken to his home in Zvishavane for burial.

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“I would like to thank friends in South Africa who are busy organising his repatriation. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions, they can’t cross the border, but we will take it from there. If all goes well, he is expected to be buried in Zvishavane next week,” he said.

Mourners are gathered at 360 Mandava, Zvishavane.

Hove is survived by his wife Ania Mugabe and five children.

Meanwhile, debate is still continuing after a decade on ownership of the song Bhogo-bhogo, with friends claiming it was Hove’s but only featured Memory Zaranyika, while the other camp says it was Memory’s song and Hove only made a guest appearance.

According to a track review by ‘The Heavy Quarterz in 2017; “The title of Memory Zaranyika’s Bhogo Bhogo, holds a very deep meaning to it. “Bhogo Bhogo” is the song on abortion and is taken from Shona, is the sound made when pounding something with a hard object like a stone till there’s no trace.

“In the song, Memory describes abortion as a cruel act which is similar to that of using force to destroy something precious like a child,” they posted.

Moyo revealed that Hove later gave up and sold the song rights to Innocent Utsiwegota.

“The song belongs to Hove. What actually happened is that we were based in Zvishavane and Memory was in Harare. So Hove wanted a female voice to ride on the song and unfortunately that time Memory was the best considering that he wanted a jazz feel. It is no longer an issue because he gave up and sold the song rights to Utsiwegota. The song has five versions to date,” said Moyo.-Herald


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