The Mugabe boys have just reminded us that who is the real Mbinga as the Ghetto Yuts are saying a statement that refers to real rich guys. The statement was sung by Enzo Ishall in his latest song Siya Something which has been making airwaves as of late.

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The controversial Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe the son of the late President Robert Mugabe is not stopping with his fancy flashy way of living. The late former President Robert Mugabe’s last born son Chatunga Bellarmine recently dismissed claims that he has fallen on hard times. In a rather terse post on his official social media account, Chatunga said that he was far from going broke.

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The guys were spotted partying hard in a night club suspected to be in South Africa. The Mugabe boys have proven that they are not yet to get broke anytime sooner. Bellarmine since high school has been known to be quite braggadocious especially when it comes to critics. Indeed the former president left a powerful inheritance for these guys. Irrespective of the effects of lockdowns on businesses, the Mugabe boys are “Mbinga dzemashuwa” as rightly put by the dancehall artist

The Mugabe boys spotted partying wildly, watch the video below:

Source: Mbare Times


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