An 11-year-old schoolboy drove a car to save his grandmother's life. | Photo Credit: Facebook
An 11-year-old schoolboy drove a car to save his grandmother's life. | Photo Credit: Facebook

Indianapolis: A schoolboy boy who drove a car to help save his grandmother’s life is being hailed as a hero. PJ Brewer-Lay decided to get behind the wheel when he saw his grandmother began feeling shaky and needed medical help. He was 11 when the incident happened.

The boy who turned 12 this week was driving his go-kart around his neighbourhood when his grandmother Angela Brewer-Laye was out for a walk.

When PJ passed her, Angela leaned against a road sign. Her vision weakened and she started to feel shaky as her blood glucose levels dropped to a dangerously low 40mg.

He immediately sprung into action and drove his go-kart to home to return with her Mercedes Benz.

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“I was leaning against a stop sign, then all of a sudden I looked to my right and I saw my car, my Mercedes Benz coming towards me. Wait a minute. Looked in the car. It was him, it was PJ,” Angela told 11Alive.

PJ didn’t have a driving license, however, he knew how to drive, having moved cars for his grandfather in their yard before.

Angela said that her grandson was “calm and collected” behind the wheel. “He did not go up the curb, in the grass or nothing. Pulled down in the driveway and into the garage.”

The boy then helped his grandma into the house and gave her some glucose tablets.

Angela, in a Facebook post about the incident, wrote, “Let me tell you this child is ONLY 11 YRS OLD!! and can drive better than his momma.”

“I asked him why he didn’t get the keys to the SUV, Camry, Truck or Camaro. He looked at me smiled and said he grabbed the first keys he saw…lol….YEA RIGHT I don’t believe him but Thanks PJ!!” she added.-Timesnownews


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