A deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia faced a strange situation that perhaps no one in law enforcement could’ve ever anticipated.

The officer was left stunned when she noticed a goat had broken into her patrol car and eaten all her important paperwork.

The hilarious incident, which took place on September 1, was caught on the officer’s body cam and later shared on the Facebook page of Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia).

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“Here is a little Friday humour to help lighten the mood. * WARNING* Before watching the video please understand that there is some mild cursing and if you are easily offended please keep scrolling,” the video was captioned.

Watch it here:

The post explains the officer was visiting a local and had parked the car in an empty area, just a few metres away from the house.  But when she returned to the vehicle, she saw a goat casually standing on the car seat and chomping on her paperwork that was left on the passenger seat.

She opens the door and starts yelling ‘Get Out, Get out’.  But the goat wasn’t ready to leave the vehicle.

Moments later, she went near the passenger seat and was finally able to coax the goat out of the car. But when she tried to wrestle the paperwork out of the animal’s mouth, it bitted her and knocked her over.

As the officer struggles to retrieve her paper, a dog starts barking around the car. After a few seconds, the goat lets go of all the paperwork.

“The deputy explained that due to the number of houses she visits daily, she routinely leaves her vehicle’s door open because she has had to retreat on a number of occasions from vicious dogs. Never once did she expect or even consider what was about to happen this day! Even though she was knocked to the ground she was not physically harmed in the incident. At the end of the day, we all got a little laugh out of it and we hope you do as well!” Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia) wrote on Facebook.

The post has now garnered over 2,500 share and hundreds of reactions from users.-Techfreak


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