‘Before fame and wealth’, the Jerusalema hitmaker Master KG is missing his roots, back when he was still a village boy, back when nobody cared about him except perhaps his parents and a few community members.

Now counting amongst the best in South Africa having smashed the global scene with more views to his song Jerusalema on Youtube and recently becoming the most ‘Shazamed’ song, Master KG is enjoying relatively great recognition.

Master KG wrote on his social media;

“I miss the old Me Village Boy”

Despite having been left out of South Africa’s prestigious awards, SAMA, which of course caused quite a stir, Master KG enjoys lots of attention with his song also used in countless dance videos with a particular dance infiltrating across the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo recently posted a video dancing to his song, Janet Jackson too, acknowledged the ‘village boy’.

It is so refreshing understanding that one has come so far and still growing stronger.


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