Charlotte Holmes is on a mission to tell the world what happened to her last September while she was admitted to Cox South hospital in Springfield Missouri. Speaking no CBN News: ‘The Prayer Link’ Charlotte gave her experience of heaven after she suffered a stroke and died while on a routine checkup with her cardiologist.

Charlotte described that she heard music in heaven; “all of a sudden I opened my eyes and I knew, I wasn’t home, I knew I had gone to my heavenly home. And almost immediately, what I could tell, I heard music. I’d never seen the trees, and the flowers and everything and it was swaying with the music… the praises of angles and the people there.’’

She saw family and friends who had passed on together with the saints of the old.

‘’I looked and there stood my family: My mom, my dad, my sister, and my best friend. ‘They looked young. They didn’t have glasses. My cousin that had had a leg cut off had both legs. They looked like they were in their thirties.’’

She also saw her child who died 40 years ago when she was 5 and 1/2 months pregnant. ‘’At the feet of my mom and dad was this toddler. I thought, ‘who was that?’ and I heard a voice. We all know it. We’re all Christians, we know God’s voice and I heard him say to me ‘that’s your child’.’’

When she looked back, she saw her family on earth crying … ‘’I said ‘but God I wanted to see my grandkids get married’. All of a sudden God said, ‘You have one choice. You can stay home or you can go back. But if you go back you must tell of this experience. You must bring home as many as you can.’’

Finally God said. ‘Soon and very soon am coming to get my bride, the Church.’ ‘You have not long to do your mission. I send you in My Name’.

Be ready, the Messiah is coming soon.


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