Gushing over the creation of the fragrance and how they expertly balanced the scents, Boity has managed to tick off another goal in her list after clocking 30. “I’ve always loved perfume and I knew I wanted my own. I started with deodorant and when that took off this was the next step of the process.”

After launching her debut fragrance Pink Sapphire this week Boity Thulo took to her social media pages to announce that the pre-orders were all sold out. Last night she posted an announcement stating: “OMG YOU GUYS DID THAT! WE SOLD OUT OUR FIRST 1,000 BOTTLES PRE-SALES!! Thank you so much for supporting us fam!!”

The fragrance officially launched online today on the Halo heritage website announced on Boity on her twitter page. She encouraged her fans to continue supporting her business venture and thanked those who already had.

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Boity teamed up with Halo Heritage, the new leading creators of luxurious natural haircare and fine fragrances for the creation of a proudly South African, premium, first-of-its-kind Eau de perfume. The CEO of Halo Heritage, Inge Peacock, explained why they chose to partner with the Own Your Throne star, she said her energy exudes ‘pink’.

“Pink Sapphire embodies her bubbly and joyous personality — she’s elegant yet approachable, down-to-earth but sophisticated. Together, we created a signature scent that’s fit for the sensual, feminine, multifaceted woman who is in charge of her destiny.

Boity simply broke down the fragrance title as being named after her favorite color sapphire and aura pink. In essence, Boity says she wanted to capture and bottle the duality of women.

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For those doubting the validity of the fragrance, Boity worked with perfumers to develop a scent that is high end yet suits the needs of the local climate and appeals to many. Pink Sapphire is described as an ode to powerful, modern, African queens, making Boity most fitting in her role as partner and muse.

The fragrance has lingering top notes that transform as the day continues and work in conjunction with deeper base notes. Congratulatory messages from the celebrity community and have been trickling in on Boity’s page.

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