A dream of finally owning a car came true for Thembisile Ngozo of Ekurhuleni after her husband showered her with a car that turned out to have been stolen.

The car was bought from a car dealership known as Freeman Auto in Johannesburg.

Ngozo and her husband saw an advert of the vehicle on a Facebook page and decided to go and view it.

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The Toyota Yaris was initially being sold for R35 000 but they negotiated and bought it for R30 000.

According to the Sowetan, Ngozo drove to her workplace in Springs on the 15th of August. She is a professional nurse.

That is when the drama started.

“I heard a beeping sound from the driveway while I was still in my workplace. I knew the hooter was coming from my car so I went to investigate what was happening.

“I then saw a man and a lady seating in the car. When I asked them what they were doing in my car, they started beating me up. They pushed me to the ground and beat me up before driving off,” she said.

Ngozo and her husband then called the dealership and spoke to Justin, the owner.

“When I told him that the people who stole my car said it was theirs, he said I should not call the police and come to him the next day. I was puzzled,” she said.

Ngozo and her husband then went to the dealership the following day where they found the same Toyota Yaris parked in the yard. The man who beat her up was also there and Justin said she should pick another car.

Justin said: “It was a misunderstanding that has now got my business in the middle. I got the car from a man who came to trade it off as his girlfriend’s car and I did not know that he sold me the car without consent because he gave me the papers of the car.”

Mokgobodi, the real owner of the car, said she took her car to a mechanic in Alexandra.

“I gave the mechanic the car in August and when I went on a Monday five days later, he told me stories. So, I called my car tracker and they gave me the address where I went and I forcefully took it,” she said.

Police are investigating a case of car theft and assault. Welcome to South Africa.


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