Barely a month after President Emmerson Mnangagwa inked a deal to compensate and restitute white farmers evicted from their land, Agriculture and Lands Ministry official allegedly is on a mission to force a white farmer of his land in Ruwa.

Martin Grobler’s Ruwa Protea Farm today was under siege from Lands Ministry official Mrs Ivy Rupandi with a video circulating showing her in full force with a truckload of police officers intending to evict him off the land with Immediate effect.

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This was first reported by journalist Privilege Musvanhiri who tweeted;

Happening now! Fresh farm eviction at Protea Farm in Ruwa outside Harare. Farmer Martin Grobler being evicted to make way for Ministry of lands official Ivy Rupindi. This happening after government announced it will compensate farmers who lost land during the 2000 land reform.

Secretary for Information Nicka Mangwana, however, has responded to the development saying this is a matter between two parties which was subject to a court order and government respects such. Mangwana said;

 Yes. It’s correct that this was a matter which dates years back which was a dispute between the 2 parties. One is said to have obtained an eviction order against the other. Govt respects court orders. The case is not connected to the Global Compensation Deed at all.

He also said the person involved is not necessarily working in President Mnangagwa’s administration.

It’s incorrect to say any of the parties involved in this dispute is a member of President Mnangagwa’s Administration.

Watch video below;




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