From grass to grace, is the picture social media influencer, singer Mai Titi painted when she distracted shoppers on Wednesday where she was opening a beauty shop for her daughter.

According to H Metro, the popular comedian brought in a number of celebrities that included Tamy Moyo, Wadzanai Ndudzo, Zodwa Mukandla, and Diana Samukange who graced the occasion and Felistas Murata popularly known as Mai Titi introduced her parents.

Shoppers removed face masks to have Kodak moments with Mai Titi.

Mai TT and her mother

“Hiii Mai Titi vanopengera zvineupenyu magonesa tinodawo mafotos nemi,” one of the shoppers was heard saying.

Zodwa who was the guest of honour narrated how Mai Titi worked under her house as a maid and commended her for empowering her 15 year old daughter Felisha Muzeya.


“I could not fail to grace this occasion because I emulated Mai Titi at Spirit Embassy Ministries where she was known for cleaning toilets,” said Zodwa.

“I employed her at my house and finally at my shops as a cleaner and today I see the hand of God that has taken her this far.

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“Children are a gift from God and she has done a great thing to empower her daughter.

“I would like to thank Mai Titi parents who are here to witness the fruits of their labor.

“Empowering a girl child is commended and I wish Felisha a success and pray for her maturity to further her education and manage her business in wisdom,” said Zodwa a successful businesswoman.

Mai Titi urged people not to be misled by people who abuse social media by posting falsehoods in an effort to attack other people’s personality and authorities.

“Ndaona zvakanaka kusimudza upenyu hwe vana vangu nezvandawana mukupengereka kwangu asi munamato wangu kuti vana vangu vasararame hupenyu hwandakararama,” said Mai Titi.

“I wish my children more grace and favour from the Almighty God,” she said in tears.

Prophetess Fiona Mavima of Grace Victory International and Pastor Edward Chivasa of Spirit-Filled International Ministries led guests in prayers. Sapphire Events coordinated and decorated the beauty shop.-H Metro


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