URBAN grooves star Nox Guni reckons he is on right track after his video to the love song – Ndinonyara – finally surpassed one million views after eight years.

The South Africa based star said the milestone was worth the wait considering that most people had not yet adapted to technology.

“I’m happy for the milestone since it’s my first time to reach the one million mark in my career,” he said from his South African base.


The 37-year-old said his triumph came as a result of resilience and hard work.

“It might have been a long wait but I have learnt to be patient in my work.


“I have also realised that we need each as a nation when it comes to promoting each as is the case with South Africa,”he said.

Nox, who recently collaborated with South Africa’s most sought after crooner Master KG on the song My Melody, said he was now learning from the best.

“Right now I am looking forward to greater things as we are now eyeing the 700K mark on views for the video My Melody featuring Master KG.

“I’m confident we will reach the one million mark soon and I urge fans to keep supporting us,” said an excited Nox.

Nox saluted Master KG for his aggression in marketing which has seen the singer holding the #Jerusalema Challenge after the video amassed over 100 million views.

“Master KG’s achievement is a lesson to all of us that we can market ourselves better before we reach out to international audiences.

“He has also shown us that there is no short cut to success as well as the need to invest in marketing.

“At the moment, the world is singing and dancing to his song Jerusarema as a result of his hard work.


Nox said he was looking forward to a good working relationship with Master KG.

“Like I said earlier on, there is more to come after we did that song together whose video My Melody has taken fans by storm.

“Master KG’s team and stable is responsible for all the marketing t and promotion of my video.

“I’m learning from the best and I am looking forward to greater things to come.

“I’m also ready to assist fellow Zimbabweans artistes with my expertise,” he added.

Nox is one of the consistent urban grooves artistes to have settled well in South Africa.

He also doubles as a marketer but his calling for music seems irresistible as the singer continue to make great strides.

Nox is now investing a lot in music videos and international collaboration.-H Metro


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