Generations The Legacy publicity shoot pictures triggered speculation that Tshidi has left Kabisi Moroka for Khumkani Phakade.

The situation seems very possible in the near future, you only fall in love once so they say? Its clear that controversial Tshidi and gangster Khumkani shared true love compared to what she has with influential and powerful Kabisi Moroka, convenient love.

Tshidi left Khumkani after she was helped by Doctor Sphe Moroka to fake her death in a bid to shake Jack Mabaso off her trail.

The South African longest-running soapie fans couldn’t deal with the speculation of Kabisi heartbreak.

“It will end in tears, they will always go back to where their heart belongs but not until they use you to fulfill selfish agendas. Some of us are just pathways to be stepped on while they fix their relationships”, wrote one fan.

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Chill Generations The Legacy fans, this was all a publicity photo shoot and nothing is conclusive from this as Tshidi goes back to Kabisi in the image below.

Generations The Legacy: Tshidi leaves Kabisi Moroka for Khumkani?
Generations The Legacy: Tshidi leaves Kabisi Moroka for Khumkani

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