I’M A mommy’s boy and if you want to see proof, my lunchbox and kisses are a good place to start. Yes, I kiss my mom three times a day and I still feel it’s not enough!

Speaking of kissing, but the romantic and s_xy type, how often do you kiss your partner? I’m referring to the French type of kiss, aka the real kiss.

If you had to think about it, your relationship is in trouble. Sexologist Gabrielle Morrissey says kissing your partner every day is important for your relationship. According to recent research, kissing your partner for at least seven seconds a day is healthy for your connection.

Kissing plays an important role in a relationship and your s_x life. Experts say 70% of s_xual pleasure is triggered by kissing. It’s the gateway to a happier relationship. So, the next time your partner wants to speak in tongues, give him some lip!


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