Sylvester Ofori, a Ghanaian based self-proclaimed prophet in the United States has made his first court appearance following his arrest for the murder of wife, Barbara Tommey in Orlando, Florida.

According to detectives, the couple was in the process of filing for a divorce and had been estranged for about three months.

Police said Ofori is a pastor at Flood Gates of Heaven Ministries in Orlando.

“He did have a pretty big online following,” Orlando police Lt. Frank Chisari said. “He speaks to his followers and called himself a prophet. His followers call him a prophet.”

Ofori, now known as the ‘Killer pastor’ appeared before a federal judge in Florida looking rather subdued and calm as first-degree murder charges were brought against him.

Prosecutors in the case also detailed to a judge the procedure that led to his arrest.

The US-based Ghanaian pastor is alleged to have followed his estranged wife to her place of work and shot her in the back with a gun.

Prosecutors further added that a raged Ofori stood over the body of his wife as she took her last breath and fired more rounds into her.

Following the gruesome murder, Sylvester Ofori’s social media activity has made headlines in Ghana.

Per some previous Facebook posts of his, Ofori before the death of his 27-year-old wife Barbara Tommey, suggests that he was a deeply troubled man.




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