The MDC Alliance (MDC-A) is desperate to stop the recalling of their officials by  Thokozani Khupe’s led MDC-T which was given the mandate by a judicial judgement making Khupe the official leader of MDC.

MDC A says the ruling ZANU PF party is behind the latest recall of 11 of its councillors in Harare including the deputy mayor Enoch Mupamawonde.

MDC-T  has now recalled over 20 councillors in Harare alone, including the mayor Herbert Gomba on the grounds that they are no longer members of the party.

MDC-A spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said her party will fight politically the “blatant electoral theft”. She posted on Twitter:

Today, Zanu PF recalled 11 more councillors from Harare City Council. Despite what their proxies say, this has nothing to do with “constitutionalism.”

It’s about trying to paralyze Council and the MDC Alliance. Rest assured, this blatant electoral theft will be fought politically.

The MDC-T has also recalled from Parliament over 20 MDC-A parliamentarians saying it derived the legal right to do so from the March Supreme Court ruling which revived the 2014 party structures which had legally ceased to exist the previous year.

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Officials loyal to MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa have been targeted for expulsion, with critics arguing that the MDC-T is “betraying” the “democratic struggle”. Kent University law lecturer Alex Magaisa tweeted:

The judicially-reconstructed MDC-T has recalled 11 councillors who have sworn allegiance to the MDC Alliance on whose ticket they were elected into council. This comes after it lost the mayoral ballot a couple of weeks ago. It’s a battle that can only be settled politically.


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