Sibusiso ‘Mkhulu’ Mathe, a sangoma from Makhaza in Khayelitsha, hands out money to residents. Photo by Lindile Mbontsi.

SANGOMA Sibusiso “Mkhulu” Mathe is an angry man and has warned those crossing him they will regret it.

The popular sangoma from Makhaza told Daily Sun two men wanted him to leave Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

He said last week, they shot the tyres of his two vehicles at his home on Shushu Street and they were following him.

Although he wouldn’t name the men trying to chase him out of the kasi, Mkhulu hinted they were linked to community leadership structures.

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“They used to come and eat at my place and I would sometimes even give them money. The problems started when I stopped doing so,” said a defiant Mkhulu said:

“When you attempt to shoot me, you must be careful that you don’t shoot yourself.”

Residents said whoever was behind this would not succeed.

Gogo Sylvia Mjodo (67) said: “He does not just get money from us, but gives it back to us. Anyone who wants to force him out will face the wrath of the community.”

Mkhulu said he didn’t report the matter to the police and would deal with it his own way.-Daily Sun


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