Victoria Nyuke accused of witchcraft: image source, H Metro

A Marlborough tenant claims her landlady, Gogo Vicky, is a witch and has promised to eat her son for failing to pay rent.

Linda Gambo

Gogo Vicky, the tenant alleges, she uses juju to prevent her from moving out.

Speaking to H Metro, the tenant, Linda Gambo said:

“My landlord is a witch that is why I am failing to move to another house and she is using charms to make my face appear as an old lady wherever I go to look for a house making people think I cannot afford to pay them.

“My husband told me over the phone that he is not coming home because of the landlady and it is now over a month without him.

“Gogo Vicky promised to eat my son so l bought cooking oil and salt preparing her feast, failure to do so I am not leaving house nor paying her rentals.”
Added the tenant:

“Gogo Vicky ran away when I wanted to beat her after knocking at six o’clock in the morning for her rentals.”

Asked to comment on the allegations, Gogo Vicky said:

“This woman chased me from my house into the streets after i asked for my rent money.

“I have no problem with her moving out of my house because all I want is my money and I have worked for this land.
“I have reported this issue to the Westgate police station.

“She is complaining of shortage of water yet it’s not my problem because our well has run dry.”

Another former tenant at the house, Christine Chiri said:

“One day Gogo Vicky came to my room when I was staying at her house telling me to remove a church calendar that was on the wall.

“She is unpredictable, we agreed to switch off electricity at 8 am until 4 pm but she changed to switch off earlier in the morning sometimes at 3 am.”-H Metro


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