CONTROVERSIAL artist Rasta, known for painting celebrities, has come under fire for his latest painting of actress Thandeka Mdeliswa, who died two weeks ago.

When Rasta, whose real name is Labani Seranje, unveiled his new work, some actors were unhappy.

Dumisani Mbebe said what Rasta did was distasteful and disrespectful to Thandeka’s memory.

Florence Masebe wrote on Twitter that Rasta was evil and what he was doing was also evil.

“People in the midst of grief do not need you adding to their pain with this level of disrespect. Stop!,” she said.

Actor Bohang Moeko said he didn’t like the fact that Rasta was using the names of the dead to make money.

“It’s not right that he does this every time an artist dies.

“It’s cool that he wants to pay tribute to them, but he must do it in the right way. He can’t capitalise on people’s deaths,” he said.

Thandeka’s family spokesman, Mzwandile Mdeliswa, said they had not seen the portrait.

He said a statement would be released later. The family was busy arranging her funeral over the weekend.

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Rasta told Daily Sun: “People are always complaining about the work I do but some people congratulate me. Some understand that this is art and not a photocopy, so they understand my creativity behind my art.

“There will always be people who disagree with my work but then again, I don’t mean to disrespect anyone with my work.”-Daily Sun


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