Mother of two who left the human husband at home to meet her tree husband told local UK broadcaster Mirror that her best decision in life was to marry the tree. A 38-year-old Liverpool woman who married “a tree” in Merseyside park marked her first wedding anniversary on September 13. Kate Cunningham, who has two kids, visited her leafy husband the Elder tree with a gift for the ‘Treevoted’ couple’s wedding anniversary, which was a traditional paper.

Kate, who left her human hubby at home to meet her tree husband told local UK broadcaster Mirror that her best decision in life was to marry the tree at Rimrose Valley Country Park in Sefton, Merseyside last year. Although, her human being hubby wasn’t pleased with her divided love for the tree, and the kids were “little embarrassed’ she said.

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However, making it clear that the Elder tree was her first love, the former teaching assistant said that when she first saw Elder, she knew that “he was the one”. Further, she said that she visits her green partner about five times a week, as he was important, and comes first because he kept humans “alive”. Kate stated that she took her friends to the spot a couple of days ago to say to her husband “a hello”. In a small celebration for the anniversary that she organized, Kate raised a toast and had a glass of elderflower champagne near the tree.

She told the local UK media outlet that marrying the tree has given her “a new purpose” and she doesn’t care much what the other people perceived of her valuable relationship. She said, speaking about her loyalty, that she changed her name to Elder as it fit the marriage and she was a changed person after meeting the Elder tree.

She has called for an annual ‘Marry A Tree Day’ and encouraged more Brits to wed their local shrub. The way the branches intertwine and the color of bark makes it “magical”, Kate gleefully admitted, as she explained that instantly set her eyes on the tree.

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She said: “One day I was looking around tree hunting. I was like ‘oh yeah nice, nice, nice’ as I looked at the oaks, but as soon as I saw the elder, I thought ‘that’s the one’.“It doesn’t look like anything else around. “I walked around it for a few hours because the park is so big. It’s very diverse with lots of different areas.

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