Police are required to use wisely state authority given them and enforce laws. In Zimbabwe, there have been various cases where police officers abused their authority turning into criminals themselves. Six police officers stationed at Sanyati are under investigation on charges of assault, unlawful entry, and theft after they beat up residents in a Chinhoyi village before stealing money and property worth US$30,000.

The officers, led by Inspector Hwamiridza, are said to have besieged Chimwaza General Dealer at Godzi Nhengu business center on September 10 before stealing money belonging to the business owner.

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Inspector Hwamiridza is said to have arrived on the scene and grabbed one Luckmore Katsekera, who was playing snooker at Chimwaza General Dealer and hit him once on the head with a butt of Police riffle.

“The other accused person who was wearing civilian attire entered the shop while holding a black pistol and stole cash amounting to Z$200-00 which was inside the pot while the shop attendant Lynia Chandinga aged 15 years of 7212 Mzare extension, Chinhoyi was looking,” police said in a memo.

The police officers are said to have proceeded to the business owner’s homestead which is about 100 meters from the business center. They used an iron bar and broke the door lock belonging to Babra  Matesanwa, 30, who is the first wife of Simbarashe Chimwaza.

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The accused went to another house belonging to Tatenda Furamera, 29, who is the second wife to Simbarashe Chimwaza and they broke the door lock and stole cash amounting to US$10 000 which was under the mattress and went away. In their defense, the accused were alleging to be investigating a case of the sudden death of the deceased Apronia Matesanwa whom they allegedly say was a minor aged 14.

The police officers also alleged they were also pursuing a case of pointing a firearm which was committed by Chimwaza to one of his former employees who stole gold at his Chioti mine Godzi Kenzamba. Investigations are still in progress under ZRP Kenzamba RRB number 4407564.

Responding to the incident, police noted such actions by the police officers in executing their duties put the organization’s image into disrepute.

Source: ZimMorningPost


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