A first-year student doing her first semester at Midlands State University (MSU) in Gweru, Zimbabwe has caused havoc at the government institution as lecturers and fellow students can’t get enough of her. The student is known as Rue and reported to be taking her level 1.1 semester.

So famous is the student that she has become the talk of the varsity, with reports indicating that lecturers are heads over heels over and are trying to get a chance to go out with her.

Her Instagram confirms that she indeed is a student at MSU.

rue msu profile instagram

According to entertainment media house Zimcelebs, the student made a massive first impression on the first day at college that she brought business to a standstill.

1.1 msu student beautiful body

We have checked her Instagram and we can assure you it is pretty loaded.

msu student first semester hips body

More pictures from Rue’s Instagram account

msu 1.1 student beautiful body

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Rue has been trending on social media and ‘haters’ have been all over her that some Facebook users have started defending her:

One guy named Tinashe commented:

I am just wondering why that young lady is being persecuted for being beautiful. She looks confident and is obviously intelligent since shes in university . What she does is none of our business

Some have shrugged her off saying she doesn’t deserve to be in the first-year class as she looks old.

Others feel Rue is just ordinary and cannot be called one of the most beautiful especially at MSU.

She’s just a regular b*tch nothing more.
Damn people, there are gorgeous birds out there, especially at MSU’s, where she is, Michael commented.
MSU is notoriously known for recording of s_x tapes that usually leak to the public. The University earned itself a name More S_x University (MSU) because of the leaks that happen to occur almost every year.
The university is currently accommodating new students who are being taken through an orientation process.-Savannah

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